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General information

1. The Ukrainian Journal of Physics (UJP) publishes original scientific papers in the field of experimental and theoretical physics which are finished studies, contain essentially new results, and are of a broad scientific interest. The paper must be physically and mathematically justified, and it must meet the UJP style regulations. The Ukrainian Journal of Physics does not publish patents, author's certificates, inventions of intellectual property, ideological proposals or notes, popular science papers, etc. Once or twice a year UJP publishes the supplement "Ukrainian Journal of Physics. Reviews" with review papers of general physical scope.

2. Language.
The journal is issued in the form of three separate editions:
i) with subscription index 08083 and ISSN 0372-400X in the language of the submitted manuscript, i.e., in Ukrainian for the authors from Ukraine (with abstracts in English and Russian), in English for the authors from other countries (with abstracts in Ukrainian and Russian), and in Russian for the authors from the former Soviet Union countries other than Ukraine (with abstracts in English)
ii) with subscription index 74500 and ISSN 2071-0186 in English only with abstracts in Ukrainian, and
iii) in electronic form with ISSN 2071-0194
The papers submitted in Ukrainian are translated into English either by the author or, if the author cannot provide an appropriate translation, by the UJP staff. The latter is done free of charge for the authors, but they should provide the English translation of the paper title, names and initials of the author and coauthors, and abstract. In addition the author should submit the translation of specific terms used in the paper as well as the translation of all proper names mentioned in the text of the paper. The references to translated books should be supplied with the data on the original edition. UJP does not translate the papers submitted in English into Ukrainian. The author is encouraged to make such a translation by his/her own and submit it to UJP.

3. Selection of papers.
Every paper is subjected to peer review by a specialist (or several specialists) in the corresponding field. Next it is considered by one of the Editorial Board members. Based on the referee and editorial reports, the paper is accepted or rejected by open vote at the closest general Editorial meeting. The reason for rejection can be a negative review, unconformity to the journal scope, the lack of novelty, etc. If the review on the paper contains remarks, the paper is first sent to the author for revision. If the paper does not correspond to the journal scope or it was not submitted in appropriate form, it can be rejected at the preliminary stage by the UJP Executive Secretary.

4. The publication in UJP is free of charge.
After the accepted paper was edited and processed by the UJP staff, the proof is sent by e-mail to the corresponding author for final approval. After the publication, the final version of the paper is sent to the corresponding author in PDFpdf format by e-mail. The publication in UJP foresees no author emoluments and royalties.

Style guide

1. Paper structure.
The material should be presented in the following order: paper title, list of the authors and their affiliations, abstract in the language of the paper, introduction, main body (with possible subdivision into sections and subsections), conclusions, acknowledgements, appendices, and bibliography list. The title should be concise, and it should reflect the paper content. The abstract should state clearly the aim, task, main results, and novelty of the paper. Introduction and bibliography list should reflect the contemporary state of the problem considered in the paper.

2. Manuscript preparation.
The papers should be prepared in electronic form in LaTeX2ε with the use of the UJP Style. The author should also submit the pdf file of their paper in line with the LaTeX file. The figures should be submitted in EPS format in black and white (the color and greyscale art should be converted into black and white). The color and greyscale art can be used in the electronic version of the journal. In this case the author should submit the figures in two formats: in black and white (for print) and in color (for publication in electronic form). The figure files are numbered according to their appearance in the paper, e.g., Fig1.eps, Fig2.eps, etc.

3. Paper size.
The total size of the paper together with figures and tables should not exceed 15 A4 pages in UJP format.

4. Bibliography style.
Bibliography is prepared in the Physical Review format adopted by the American Physical Society. The references are numbered according to their appearance in the paper. The reference numbers are put in square brackets. Examples of bibliography references:

1. N.P. Author1, Phys. Rev. A 70, 013603 (2004).
2. N.P. Author1 and N.P. Author2, e-print arXiv:0704.3011 (2005).
3. N.P. Author1, N.P. Author2, and N.P. Author3, Phys. Rev. A 70, 013603 (2004).
4. N.P. Author1 and N.P. Author2, Book Title (Publisher, City, 2007).
5. N.P. Author1, Proc. of 35th Annual Conference on Theoretical Physics, edited by N.P. Editor1 (Publisher, City, 2006), p. 120.

The references to translated editions should be supplemented with the references to the original language editions.

5. Formulas should be left justified. In split formulas the mathematical sign at the end of the first row is repeated at the beginning of the second row. Physical quantities can be denoted by Latin or Greek letters only. Chemical formulas should be typed upright.

Paper submission and correspondence with the author

1. The paper should be sent in electronic form by e-mail to the UJP office This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The message subject should include the word "submission". To the Editorial office, the author should send the paper in PDF format, which should contain all figures, tables, and the filled form. The revised version should be in PDF format again with all (renewed) figures and tables. The answer to the Referee and the list of corrections should be sent in MS Word format (1 doc file). After the reception of the letter from the UJP Executive Secretary on the acceptance of the manuscript to the publication (Acceptance Letter N-year), the author(s) should send the final version of the work in LaTeX format, the paper in PDF format, and figures in EPS format during a week. The figures should be archived into one ZIP, RAR, or 7-Zip file. The attachment size should be no more than 5 Mb. In addition, the author can send to the UJP office the hard copy of his/her paper.

2. Documentation.
Along with the article, the Authors from Ukraine should sent the Registration card in MS Word (Рєєстраційна картка (UK)) to the Editorial office, which contains a table with information about the work, Ukrainian and English abstract. Foreign Authors should sent the Registration card in MS Word (Registration Form (EN)) to the Editorial office, which contains a table with information about the work and English abstract. The work is not considered without the properly completed card. The Copyright Agreement (signed and scanned) should be submitted electronically after the paper is accepted for publication. If the author is an employer of an institution with restricted research regulations and the submitted material can include some non-disclosure elements, the author should additionally provide the cover letter from his/her institution with the official permission for publication. The Ukrainian Journal of Physics, its founders, publisher, editors, Editorial Board members, and employers carry no responsibility for the possible violations of the existing legislation of Ukraine or any other country by the author.

3. The paper having been registered by the UJP staff, the official confirmation with the corresponding reference number is sent to the corresponding author by e-mail. This number should appear in all further correspondence with the UJP Editorial Office. If the author did not receive any confirmation in one working week from the submission date, he/she should repeat the submission or phone to the UJP Editorial Office, since the paper could have erroneously been filtered as SPAM by the UJP server.

4. After the paper was accepted/rejected by the UJP Editorial Board, the corresponding notification is sent to the corresponding author by e-mail.

5. After the accepted paper was edited and processed by the UJP staff, the proofs are sent by e-mail to the corresponding author for final approval. The author should send his/her corrections in three working days from the date the proof was sent. If the Editorial office did not receive the reply in three working days, the paper is published as it is. No further corrections are possible from that moment.

6. After the publication, the final version of the paper is sent to the corresponding author in pdf format by e-mail. UJP does not provide the authors with author proofs in print form starting from 2009.